Get 4 original live paint nights a month with access to all recordings. These are available for you to view at your convenience. 

The CCC is great for all painting levels and is beginner friendly!


The Confident Creatives Circle is filled with passion for art and life!

Each month you will get...

A new live painting each week

Each month you will get access to 4 live paint nights. These will be unique and original themes.


Lifetime access to all recordings

If you can't make the live events, they will be recorded for you to view at any time.

A complete supply list

Each month you will be given a supply list for all 4 paintings. The supplies list will be similar to keep down cost each month.

A Private membership platform

All recordings will be kept organized so you can find them quickly and easily!

Save money each month

As an exclusive member of the CCC, you are getting 4 live paintings for the price of 2!



Watch your painting skills improve when you add consistency to the mix.


When your skills improve so does your confidence. You will gain confidence in your creativity fast.

A Present over perfect mindset

When we paint together we recognize the importance of enjoying the process over the final outcome.


Rights to use all paint designs for in person parties

You can use these designs for your in person parties. I just ask that you don't use them for online parties.

A supportive group of creative woman

Inside the circle we have so many amazing creative women who support and encourage each other.

When you join the CCC, you also get a library of over 20 ready to paint tutorials

Here are some of our past designs!

Join now and catch these live in December!

Plus more fun designs to come

CCC members gallery

Check out what our members have been up to!

See what our members

are saying about the CCC!


Jennifer Reynolds Rupe

I can't truly express how much I enjoy this group! I have been in this group for several months and am seeing my skills improve steadily. Chris teaches patiently and is so eager to answer questions and provide tips. Everyone in this group has been kind and encouraging. If you aren't sure or on the fence about joining go ahead and do it. It is money well spent, you won't regret it.

Kellie Bradshaw McCoy

I took up painting last year when i stumbled across a tutorial on Facebook. After some health issues and a lengthy hospital stay, I was needing a creative outlet. There are a couple of teachers that I enjoy following but I find Christal's tutorials to be a bit different. I love how she is so relaxed and encouraging and incorporates a sense of mental awareness into some of her projects. I find painting to be very therapeutic so I do appreciate how this aspect helps to keep me grounded. The membership takes this a step further and it is so nice to be surrounded by positivity. Thanks Christal for helpings us realize our potential to become confident creative artists.

Irene Noel

I always wanted to be able to paint but I never had the confidence to try. I joined the confident creatives circle after I did one of the challenges. She really has concern for her members. If we are having a difficult time with something new, she takes time to show us how to do it simply. She always takes notice of all the members when they post a painting. She is very encouraging and makes me feel that I can always do what I need to improve.

Line Ross

I joined the confident creatives circle. I discovered Christal and immediately was happy. What i like about the group is that Christal is easy to follow, relaxing, joyful and i can follow step by step her tutorial. If we have questions we have answers. It's user friendly, I love it!

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A present over perfect mindset

More painting at half the price!
4 Exclusive, live paint parties
Amazing giveaways and
the most amazing community of like-minded, creative individuals!

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